Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Review

  1. Harrison river systems and the BC Fraser River sturgeon charters in British Columbia are basically the home to one of the largest world’s sturgeon population. At this place, we are the best destination for all sport fishing tours which have been grown imperatively in a short period of time and the anglers are from all over the world for such fishing tours and for the thrill of the pursue of huge sized salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and sockeye as they hike along the Fraser river. The following are some of the reasons as to why you should go sturgeon fishing along the Fraser River.
  2. To be able to meet Fish with Fraser River Sturgeon Experts
    This is among the Canada’s largest freshwater fish. It has a life span of over one hundred years and within this time it is able to grow some inches each year, over 14 feet and 1000 pounds which makes it difficult to catch when fishing. This fish have different looks. Some people say they are ugly, others say that the fish are unique. Its skin resembles that of a shark, with some rows of armored scutes, a sharp and small bony plates. They use their barrel to feed mainly at the bottom of rivers. Their mouths are the toothless suckers type and have tiny eyes which they do not mostly make use of them easing your fishing trips.
  3. Where can you find them?
    While Harrison and Fraser river systems are the main areas locally for the sturgeon, you can also find them in small tributaries mainly for the Fraser fishing trips. These fish are mainly concentrated nearby holes, drop-offs and seams in river bottoms. You can also find them in quieter backwaters of Fraser River mainly gathering in areas with sufficient food.
  4. When is the finest time for the Fraser River fishing?
    There is great opportunity for the Fraser River fishing. The months between March to September are favorite for fishing activities of all sizes of fish. Along the Fraser valley, fishing is open throughout the year, however the winter season has low fish yields and more lethargic fish. It is therefore better to leave the fish feed on the available resources and gain more energy to be good for the next fishing season.
  5. How to catching them
    Fishing activity on Fraser River requires patience since it is slow. With low barometric pressure, the progress will be low. If you do not get fish in location for about thirty minutes, it is advisable that you shift your position. You should not turn drag in all the way since you are likely to lose your gear. The fish should be in a position to run with your bait which can be for long hours hence maintain some good spacing with other boats when fishing for sturgeon. Taking sturgeons can at times be a subtle process when fishing for the sturgeons. In most cases, the fish makes some few smaller pulls before deciding on taking your offer then run with the bait. This kind of inspection in sturgeon hunting may take some ten minutes and the common mistake in fishing is setting your hook too early. When you just feel some steady pull, it is advisable that you take your rod up then point it towards the water.

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